Tuesday, 25 June 2013

John Matthews | The Wildwood Rides Again!

Wildwood Rides Again - the Second Edition.

When you're creating or working on a tarot, many things beyond your control can effect the end result. In the case of The Wildwood Tarot not only were we re-crafting an earlier version ( The Greenwood Tarot) but we faced limitations of extent in the text. Also we simply were often so excited, so carried away with the sheer blaze  of creation, that we actually forgot about the card back ! We had discussed this with our artist Will Worthington and decided that a tree motif would be a part of it... but somehow, when It came to handing  in the  finished deck, we forgot.  So, when it came around to the second edition - thanks to all those who took the new version of an old favourite to their hearts - we turned our thoughts to completing two omissions.

First came the new card back. As ever Will rose to the occasion and came up with a wonderful head to head image of a tree, printed in white  on green, which can be read either way up. Then we turned to something that not only we, but also several readers, had noted. The entries for the court cards, all depicting sacred animals, were very brief. So we spoke to the publisher and they agreed to re-jig the book so that we could add some longer entries. The only  trouble was that by his time we were both hard at work on other projects. So we turned to the amazing Caitlin Matthews for help and  in no time at all we had a set of meanings and interpretations that fit perfectly with what Mark and I had done earlier. So, at last, the job was really done.  The Wildwood Tarot was complete.

We are really delighted with this new edition, which extends the first just enough to make it overall as good as we could hope for. We hope very much that you enjoy it, and that as some have already said they would be purchasing a second copy, that you will feel it was worth it. 

And by the way, all three of us : Mark (work permitting) John and Caitlin, will be presenting a whole weekend devoted to the tarot in general, at Hawkwood College near Stroud, in December. For all details watch this space or go to www.Hallowquest.org.uk

© John Matthews. June, 2013.


  1. Great news! I have two copies of the original 1st print run! Would be nice if Connections could identify the 2nd run from the 1st though :)

    Hope you, Caitlin and Mark are well, John :)

  2. Is there any way of getting the interpretations of the court cards for those of us who have the first edition?

    1. The Wildwood Tarot app for iPad or iPhone has the expanded text.

    2. Is there any way of getting the Court Court interpretations without buying an iPhone or an iPad?

    3. the app is available for android too, Daniel :) Failing that, buying a copy of the V2 or V3 book - either on its own if you can find one on ebay, or as part of the set as sold new. Ali Cross

  3. I received both a used version of the original set and a brand new set for Christmas. (My family knows me well, as I've been pining for The Wildwood for quite some time.) As I've only now noticed that there was an expanded version, I excitedly opened the new deck, I found that I have the version of the cards with the new artwork on the back. Opening the book, however, I've found that I have an older version of the text. Was it your intention to use up the back stock of older books before packaging with the expanded editions? I was so excited to read more into the court cards.