Wednesday 24 October 2012


Have you wished that you could go along to the forthcoming Wildwood Tarot seminar/workshop in Atlanta?  Learn about the deck, directly from its creators, Mark Ryan and John Matthews?

How would you like to WIN a place there?

Just take part in the Raffle and keep your fingers crossed that YOU are the lucky winner - but hurry! The Raffle closes at the end of this month!


Sunday 21 October 2012

Will Worthington | Wildwood Tarot Prints | Update

Will Worthington currently has 10 of each of the following 7 Wildwood Tarot Major Arcana card images available to buy direct from his website.

The Archer
The Green Man
The Green Woman
The Hooded Man
The Seer
The Stag
The Wanderer

The overall size of the paper is A3 and the margins are approximately 5cm all round. The borders are off-white in colour.

Each print is titled and signed by Will.

At the moment, these prints are available for £25.00 each, plus P&P

Visit Will's shop to order

Friday 19 October 2012

Caitlín Matthews | Reversals Part 2

How do you gauge which level of reversal to apply to a reading? This may be clearly visible from within the context and from being with the querent you are reading for.

EXAMPLE 1: Here is a three card reading for a man asking about his tour company which has been very hard hit in the recession: he wants to know what he’s doing wrong. He draws Queen of Bows reversed, 15 Death reversed, Six of Arrows. He feel’s he’s been too generous in his ideas which are now working against him. He’s not been taking up the challenge of recession and now he’s stuck in a stagnating business rut. We see that the man is his own worst enemy but that he’s aware of the problem: the reversals are on the gauge of between abating and restrained. He’s seen the writing on the wall and has been hitting the blockages enough to know it’s time to more on. The 6 of Arrows says ‘move away from here.’

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Camelot Oracle Launch | 17 October, London

We are launching on the 17th October! 
The Camelot Oracle by John Matthews & glorious art by Will Worthington 
is launching tomorrow in London. 
You are cordially invited to the launch which includes a talk with John and Will. 
Get your pack early !

Monday 15 October 2012

Caitlín Matthews | Reading Reversals

How do we cope with reversals? If you’re a beginner, as I was back in 1969, you probably have enough on your hands just getting to grips with 78 cards, never mind what they might be doing in different positions.

The Wildwood Tarot doesn’t list reversed meanings in the book, mostly because neither Mark nor John personally use them because they are visual readers who like an upright image to read with.  But this doesn’t mean to say that you can’t use them.

If you look at tarot books the world over, you will find that different writers give different kinds of reversals. This is a big variable in tarot, mostly because individual readers have learned their own method of reversal rather than slavishly following someone’s method. Before you pull faces at this variance, look at it this way: it means you are free to decide how to gauge reversals for yourself.

If you are used to reading reversals you will have your own methods already established, but you will have already discovered that there are degrees of difference as to how to read them. While XIII Death/ XIII The Journey reversed can mean ‘escape from death’ it could also have the connotation of ‘a living death,’ for example.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Will Worthington | Wildwood Prints

Soon she'll be yours to frame!
Will Worthington is in the process of creating fine art prints for seven of the Major Arcana cards of the Wildwood Tarot.

The prints will be:


More details to follow just as soon as they are available.