Tuesday 24 January 2012

Caitlín Matthews | Courts With Confidence!

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In this part, we begin to have fun and grow confidently in our court card practice.  If the definitions don’t enthuse you, then draw upon your own findings from your meditations in my earlier posts to help illuminate the spreads.  Frankly, it is far better to find the story in the cards yourself than to be endlessly looking things up.



For some of us, no amount of books can help us remember court cards, so here are a few suggestions to give your own unique and memorable edge.  

1.  FAVE RAVES: Go through the courts and the definitions outlined in part two and ask yourself:  if this card were one of my favourite film stars, singers, footballers, writers etc. (you know whom you like) who would s/he be?  Start compiling a list of personalities well-known to you. For example, if you feel that Page of Bows is most like Leonardo di Caprio or Emma Thompson is a good example of Queen of Bows, then fine, go for it!  

2. FAMILY TREES: Each Court is like a family with  Father, Mother, Son, Daughter or King, Queen, Knight & Page.  Assign one card to each member of  your family, but do concentrate on their good qualities and not just how your family members impact upon you.  If you decide this is the best way for you to remember, then also imagine the more expansive aspects of your relatives and consider the best of which they are capable.

3.  HISTORICAL DINNER PARTY:  If you were to invite people from history to your dinner party, whom would you invite:  which tarot court place-setting would you set beside their dish?  Yes, you can have Shakespeare and Einstein, or Catherine the Great and Boudicca: mix your time-lines memorably!

4. MYTHS YOU LIKE: Stories and myths can provide all kinds of inspiration for your aide memoir.  Do you think Knight of Bows is the epitomy of Thor or Page of Arrows might be Loki?  Could Page of Vessels be Gerda and Queen of Arrows the Snow Queen?  You know the story, so you do the final casting!  

What are YOUR favourite ways to remember the Court Cards?

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