Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wildwood Tarot | New Edition

Please note that there is a revised edition of The Wildwood Tarot about to become available!   This exciting development features a new design on the card back and additional copy in the accompanying book.

The new card design, pictured here, is suitable for reading with reversals.

The additional copy in the accompanying book adds more information for the Wildwood Tarot's Court Cards.

The cardstock and box remain unchanged from the original printing, so, at the moment, there is no clear way to tell whether a boxed set is the original or the new updated version.

Update:  FIRST, despite what is showing on the Amazon UK site, there are plenty of copies of Wildwood to be had. If you are in a hurry we suggest you order direct from Connections Publishing, and if you mention the problem they might even give you a discount!

SECOND: Unfortunately, although new copies of the Wildwood Tarot are now in the warehouse, there is no means for the suppliers to tell whether this is the revised reprint (not really a new edition) or the old one.

We are so sorry about this, but it is actually not our fault, and is unfortunately beyond our control - 
John Matthews for Wildwood Tarot

Update:  The Fool's Dog, who created the Wildwood app, said:  'We are hoping to have a version of the Wildwood Tarot app with the new card back and revised text early next year. However, there are still a few details to work out, so I can't say anything for certain just yet.'

**** NOTE 22/12/12 - the copies of the Wildwood Tarot for sale on the Wildwood website are the original version of the deck ****


  1. Not good news for those of us who have already purchased it :(

  2. I think that it's great that a revised version is coming out with these additions and chanages. I'm looking forward to procuring myself another copy!

  3. Daniel, doesn't matter if you already have it, if you wear the old one out, you can go and get the new one! I think the back design is pretty, but if the card stock isn't changing, I won't be rushing out to get a 3rd copy... Not yet anyway :)

  4. I'm wondering if there will be an update to the court card information on the app (which is wonderful, btw.) of course, we now have all the posts that Caitlin Matthews devoted to court cards available here on the blog.

    1. Have updated the blog post with all the information that we have, Zann. Hope this helps.

      Alison Cross
      per Wildwood Tarot

  5. Beware - despite what it says on the NEWS page of this site Connections do not have the new version of the deck. In fact they knew nothing about it. I ordered what I thought would be a new version only to get the original. I rang them and three days later am still waiting for them to get back to me with an explanation.

  6. Does anyone know where the new version of the deck is available?

  7. I just got one and it is the original edition and this is even though the shop I bought it from has quite a high turnover for the set.