Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wildwood Poem | Yavor Harizanov

The Wildwood Tarot team love it when people get in touch to share with us their Wildwood experiences and here we have a poem e-mailed to us by Yavor Krasimirov Harizanov who writes to us from his home on the shores of the Danubre in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Yavor says:  'I started writing poems right after I started doing Tarot readings.  I can't explain it - it just came naturally as the cards and their meanings sank deep into my mind.'

Yavor said that he loved the image of the Woodward, so it's our pleasure to publish his poem along side his favourite image.....

For a new foundation drive the stakes
But don’t just repeat your own mistakes
Just like words muttered by a parrot
I think that “Life is like a game of Tarot”
For when you raise your fair “annonce”
The rest will play against you in response

Remember that it is your trust you bet
Against the prizes you may get
Call in bold voice and turn the game your way
Then hear what all the other players have to say

Remember that your cards illuminate the game
And thus until the deal is all the same
Come What May!
Do Not delay!
Come What May!

Writing poetry is a great way to help secure Tarot card images and their meanings, have you tried it?

If you have any great photos of you and your Wildwood or stories, poems that you would like to share, please contact us via the website contact page.

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