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Wildwood Tarot | Atlanta | November 2012

Wildwood Tarot Workshop
Atlanta, Ga
Nov 3 – 4, 2012

Mark Ryan | John Matthews

You are cordially invited to enter the Wildwood with Mark Ryan and John Matthews and to explore the symbolism of this best-selling deck and its foundation on The Wheel of the Year system. The sessions include an exploration of the symbolism and history of the deck.

The programme includes practical, hands-on work involving shared table-top readings, visualization and role playing to personalize your individual relationship with the system and the archetypes.

Learn to work with the powerful Wheel of the Year, discover the ancient and powerful archetypes of the Wildwood, and learn new ways of reading. Explore the core of the Major and Minor Arcana and understand the Court Cards though meditation and shamanic journey.

This is a unique opportunity to work with the creators of the Wildwood Tarot as this will be Mark and John’s only Southeastern US appearance! Mark Ryan will be flying to Atlanta from Los Angeles giving you a chance to meet him in person and to hear him talk about the origins and creation of the deck. John Matthews, experienced tarot teacher and co-creator of The Wildwood Tarot, will be flying in from Oxford to bring his own expertise to the event, including a chance to learn shamanic journey techniques from one of its foremost teachers.

Mark and John will be happy to personally inscribe your copy of the Wildwood Tarot, copies of which will be on sale at the events.

Wild Events

Thursday, November 1, 2012 – An Evening in the Wild Wood with Mark Ryan and John Matthews
Reception and chat with Mark and John
7 – 9 PM

$35 USD per person
$50 per committed couple

Venue: The Phoenix and   Dragon bookstore in Atlanta:
To book for this Thursday night chat, please contact bookstore directly.

Bookings for Thursday night only will be made through the   bookstore

Saturday November 3rd – Sunday November 4th -- The Wild Wood Tarot Workshop w/Mark Ryan and John Matthews

Workshop begins at approx 9.30am and finishes at approximately 5.30pm on Saturday and Sunday

The Wild Wood Tarot Workshop will take place in North Georgia, app 45 minutes outside of Atlanta**


· $275 per person for the two day workshop (includes tea and coffee)
· $325 per person for the two day workshop (includes breakfast and lunch both days)

· Committed Couples Pricing: $450 per couple (includes tea and coffee)
· Committed Couples Pricing: $500 per couple (includes breakfast and lunch both days)

· $250 individual Early Bird Registration – Place a deposit and register before June 30th

· Please note that each registration includes a non returnable deposit of $50 USD per participant

**Overnight accommodations with and without meal plans available. Please ask for pricing and availability.

**Limited spaces for both Wild Events! Register early to secure your place!

To book, please contact: 

Ginger Wages
Tel 770 362 7020

Payment Types Available:
Personal Check
Cashier’s Check

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  1. Hi!
    I recently began to study the Wildwood Tarot deck and I am enjoying it very much! Thank you for this blog and for the interesting posts clarifying the many different aspects of the deck. I hope you keep teaching us more here!

    I wanted to let you know that I have attempted to build the wheel of the year using the cards! It was a fascinating experience, very meditative and it helped me to become more comfortable with the structure of the deck.

    There's a picture here if you feel curious:

    Thank you so much for this great deck! :)